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ARCH 3901: Histories of Architecture and Feminism

This guide provides resources to support Histories of Architecture and Feminism.

Citing in Architecture

Citation Basics for Secondary Sources

Because citations direct your reader back to the work of scholarship you are using in your research, they will differ slightly depending on the type of research material you are working with. For example, an article in a book will include information about the publisher of the book, while an article in a journal will include the name of the journal and its volume and issue number. It is best to include as much information about the resources you are working with as possible so anyone who wishes to look at those resources will be able to find them.

Typically, citations in architecture are done using the Chicago. Here is the bibliographic citation and note for a book compiled by more than one editor in Chicago:

Bibliographic citation: 

Frichot, Hélène, Catherina Gabrielsson, and Helen Runting, eds. Architecture and Feminisms: Ecologies, Economies, Technologies. New York: Routledge, 2018.


Hélène Frichot, et. al., Architecture and Feminisms: Ecologies, Economies, Technologies, (New York: Routledge, 2018), 22 - 24.

Online Resources for Creating Citations

Citing Documents from the Barnard Archives

Tips and Formatting for Citing from the Barnard Archives (and other archives)

Archives often have slightly different ways for organizing their holdings, and therefore the citation may change depending on the institution with which you are working and the style of citations you are using (e.g. Chicago, APA, MLA). The following elements should be captured in your citation:

  • The repository where the item is held
  • The collection title and number, or any cataloging number that the repository provides (if available)
  • The subcollection or series in which the item is found (if available)
  • The box and  folder title or number in which the item is found, or another identifier of a location provided by the repository
  • The document itself including any page, section or date information, and a title (which you can provide if need be) for the item

For example, Barnard Archives and Special Collections citations look like this:

Title of Specific Item; Date (if known); Collection number - Collection name, inclusive dates; Box and Folder; Barnard Archives and Special Collections, Barnard Library, Barnard College.

Here is a sample citation: The Scholar and the Feminist IV program; 1977; Barnard Center for Research on Women records, 1962-2015; Box 10, Folder 12; Barnard Archives and Special Collections, Barnard Library, Barnard College.

When in doubt, ask a staff member!

Books about Researching and Writing in Architecture