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ENGL First Year Writing, Women and Culture (Condillac)

This guide supports research for the First Year Writing class, Women and Culture.


Welcome! This page highlights resources and research strategies in support of First Year Writing: Women and Culture.

If you need assistance identifying additional resources, search terms or strategies, please schedule a research consultation with your personal librarian.

Professor: Vrinda Condillac

Librarian: Vani Natarajan


"Nella Larsen in 1928" via Wikimedia Commons













Audre Lorde by Elsa Dorfman, via Wikimedia Commons

Steps in the Research Process

  • Think of a topic that you're curious about, and write about it.
  • Think of keywords and key phrases that relate to your topic, and write these down as well. You can use these to search. Be open to the possibility of new keywords, and try out different combinations!
  • Explore backgrounds and contexts. Reference sources can help you with concepts and terms, and they can also lead you to other relevant sources.
  • Search for articles, book chapters, and books on your topic. Carefully skim each source---including the synopsis, abstract, table of contents, and/or index--- to assess how relevant and useful it will be to you. Feel free to let go of sources that don't support your research needs.
  • Cite the sources you find as you go along --- this will make the writing process easier!

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