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HIST 3692: Anarchism: A Global History

Spring 2020, Prof. Jose Moya

Using the Catalog to Find Newspapers and Magazines: Strategies

To find newspapers, magazines, and journals relevant to anarchist history and anarchist studies, in a range of formats (print, digital, microform), you can start with a catalog search. 

In CLIO Catalog (for locally available sources):

  • Start by entering keywords into the search box. You may wish to begin, for instance,  with anarchism periodicals, selecting Subject in the right-hand drop down menu. 
  • Use the facet boxes on the left of the results page to narrow down search results; for instance, by Language, or by Subject (Region). 

In WorldCat (for sources you may wish to request from other libraries, or visit other collections to find, or even digital sources):

  • Enter keywords into the provided search boxes. Here, again, you may try anarchism periodicals, selecting Subject in the right-hand drop down menu. 
  • On the results page, click the Serials tab to look at periodicals (by title) and to find out which libraries might hold copies. 

To find out if a journal, magazine, or newspaper might be indexed in a database, try searching it by title in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory

Historical Newspaper & Magazine Collections