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SOCI 3939: Housing Equity and the American Dream

Prof. Debbie Becher, Fall 2023

About this guide

Early-mid 20th century floor plan drawing of 390 Riverside DriveWelcome! This page highlights resources for primary source research for Prof. Debbie Becher's course, Housing Equity and the American Dream.

This guide includes the following: 

  • Sites that offer guidance on primary source research
  • Catalogs and search tips to find books in print and online, including how to locate various primary source in CLIO
  • Suggested resources for finding other primary source images, audio, and data visualizations 
  • Citation and writing guidance
  • Tips to to help keep textbook costs down

If you need assistance identifying additional resources, search terms or strategies, please schedule a research consultation

Image: 390 Riverside Dr., Typical Floor Plan, circa [192--197-], via Columbia University Archives New York Real Estate Brochure Collection

Research resources