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URBS 3997: Urban Studies Senior Seminar in International Topics (Tovar-Restrepo)

Prof. Marcela Tovar-Restrepo, Spring 2020

About this guide

""Welcome! This page highlights key resources for conducting effective research for Prof. Marcela Tovar-Restrepo's senior seminar, International Topics, including the following:

  • Reference sources to find background information on your topic
  • Catalogs and search tips to find books in print and online
  • Databases for locating scholarly journal articles, reviews, and policy reports
  • Catalogs, databases, and techniques for finding a variety of primary sources
  • Database for locating news articles, transcripts, and videos
  • Reliable sources of data and statistics
  • Places to find maps and GIS resources
  • Resources for citing your sources and writing in urban studies
  • Tips to to help keep textbook costs down

If you need assistance identifying additional resources, search terms or strategies, please schedule a research consultation

Image: Staircases leading to the Independence square, Antananarivo, Madagascar, by Bernard Gagnon, via Wikimedia Commons

Background information

Consult scholarly reference sources to get an overview of a topic, an introduction to a theory, definitions to discipline-specific terms, and more.