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Religion, Gender, and Violence

Library research guide for Janet Jakobsen's class, March 2020 made by librarian Jenna Freedman.

eBooks from CLIO

  • To find items about a specific topic, first try a keyword search in All Fields.
    • Use "quotation marks" to search for an exact phrase: "alternative medicine" 
    • Use * for truncation (to find variant spellings and endings of a word): wom*n will find woman, women, womyn, womxn, etc.; activis* will find activist, activists, activism, etc.
    • For more complex search, use AND and OR:
      • AND finds records which have all the search terms you entered.
      • OR finds records which have one of the search terms you entered, as well as records which have more than one of the terms. OR finds MORE.
    • ​Use parentheses to group terms:  ("herbal medicine" OR herbalis*) AND (black OR "african american*")  
  • Subject headings: If you find a book that's relevant, look at its subject headings in CLIO and click through to find more related works.
    • Look for subheadings that indicate religion content:
      • topics/institutions - “religious aspects”
      • places (countries, cities, etc.) and groups of people/communities - “[noun form of religion name (e.g., Buddhism), plural form of religion name (e.g., Christians)]”
      • effect of item, activity, discipline, etc. on society - “religious aspects"

screenshot of CLIO search highlighting the ebooks and online limiters