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FYWB 1101: What is a woman? (Auran)

This guide highlights resources available through the library for FYWB BC 1101

What is CLIO? Searching CLIO

Searching CLIO

  1. When I search databases I like to take a research question and break it down into nouns and main ideas. Example: "Did the 'Patient Zero' theory in the book 'The Band Played On' by Randy Shilts impact HIV and AIDS stigma?" will become something more like: "The Band Played On" AND "patient zero" AND "stigma" 
  2. When entering search terms, use the * symbol to search for variant spellings and endings. The asterisk stands in for one or more letters. For instance, theat* searches theatre, theater, theatrical, etc. 
  3. If you're searching terms together as a phrase, surround them with quotes. For instance, "performance art."
  4. Use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to search terms together. Find more on Boolean logic here.