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Scholar & Feminist IX: Towards a Politics of Sexuality, Barnard College Women's Center

Research Guide

Jenna Freedman

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Jenna Freedman
MLC 203 (generally on campus Tues-Thurs)
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Digital Humanities

This section of the guide is yet to be fleshed out. I hope that people who have done or are considering digital humanities projects around S&F IX will contribute their projects and ideas by emailing me directly or filling out the feedback form.

Here are a few ideas:

Annotation: using the annotation tool of your choice, e.g., explore the conference diary collaboratively.

Mapping: how did feminists in different parts of the US and the world fight the feminist sex wars?

Network Analysis: explore connections and relationships of conference participants and protestors

Textual Analysis: scrape the diary and explore word and phrase patterns. Compare them to protest documents.

Timeline: The Barnard Conference was one battle in the feminist sex wars. Identify others and map them out chronologically.

Wikipedia Edits

The Wikipedia entries for the conference, the feminist sex wars, and its participants and protestors could use some loving attention from feminist Wikipedians. I've created a list of people and topics one might add or edit.