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Scholar & Feminist IX: Towards a Politics of Sexuality, Barnard College Women's Center

Research Guide

close up of typewriter with the word "appreciate"

I am grateful to scholars, archivists, classmates (and those who hold more than one of those identities) for providing support on this project. I am acknowledging them in no particular order, for each was invaluable to me.

Barnard archivists Shannon O'Neill and Martha Tenney

Barnard faculty Janet Jakobsen and Beck Jordan-Young

Archival Encounters professors Duncan Faherty and Lisa Rhody

Archival Encounters classmates Hannah Coleman Oriana Gonzales and Zachary Lloyd

Archivists Hope Dunbar Jen Hoyer Rachel Mattson Mary Murphy and Kelly Wooten

Scholar and newly minted Dr. Rachel Corbman

Barnard Library staff members Charlotte Price Ben Rosner and Meredith Wisner

Scholar Michelle Moravec 

Librarians Kelly McElroy  and Honor Moody 

Scholars and teachers Wendy Hayden and Tom Keegan (who don't know they helped me)

I'm probably forgetting other people who helped, so an extra to you!

Second shout out to Martha, who was incredibly generous with her time and expertise!

Appreciate graphic by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 ImageCreator