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AHIS 3698: American Monument Cultures

About this Guide

Research guide for American Monuments Cultures

This guide has a selection of key resources for doing research on historic monuments throughout New York City. In this guide you will find the following:Image of Frederick Douglass Memorial Park

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Image: Charley Lhasa, Frederick Douglass Memorial, 2013. Flickr.

Background Research

Parks Department and National Register Background Research

New York City Parks Department Resources

If you are looking for more information, including you can also contact the archivist, or reach out directly: 

Historical Information: Art & Antiquities, 212.360.3410
Historic Photographs: Olmsted Center, 718.760.6745
Contemporary Photographs:  Press Office, 212.360.1311
Maps, Plans and Renderings: Olmsted Maps Division, 718.760.6798

National Park Resources

New York Archives and Libraries