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Whatcha mean, what's a zine? BZL meets BELA ★

An introduction to the Barnard Zine Library + some of our circulating zine collection.

who makes zines?

Punks, activists, poets, cartoonists, moms, teenagers, students, teachers, librarians, gardeners, anarchists, home cooks, hackers, etc. etc. etc.

and why even make them?

Uncensored self-expression, self- and community-documentation, gift-giving, public education and info-sharing, community building; you're your own editor, graphic designer, publisher, distributor!

what's (y)our definition?

We'll set a timer for 2 minutes -- read a zine, then pass it down to the person to your right when your time's up. We'll do this 3 times, then come up with a shared definition.