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How to use the Barnard Library - Access Barnard Information Session

Fall 2022

Community Guidelines

bear holding a book that says Barnard Library Community Agreements

Welcome to the Barnard Library! Our Community Guidelines lay out expectations for the library community. It is an evolving document that is updated periodically with input from library staff and library users. BLAIS staff aim to create a library environment in which participants use shared resources in a respectful manner. We ask that patrons hold themselves and each other accountable to these community  guidelines and facilitate a shared experience that fosters learning, studying, and interacting. The library is a working space for students, faculty, and visitors, as well as library staff. The library is a collaborative environment. Within this environment we are committed to upholding the following values:
  • Inclusivity and anti-oppression: We provide a space where people can expect to work in an atmosphere free of racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, elitist, entitled, and unjust attitudes, comments, behaviors, and actions.
  • Privacy: BLAIS staff protect the privacy of reading, scanning, borrowing, consultations, research, and inquiries. User borrowing records are not saved.
  • Support: We want the library to be a welcoming and positive space.

The full Community Guidelines document is available here

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