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Africana Studies

About this Guide

From the departmental web site: "The Department of Africana Studies at Barnard was founded in 1992 as the site for the multidisciplinary study of Africa and the Black Diaspora. Through our course offerings and extra-curricular programming, Africana Studies offers the Barnard community exposure to the experiences of black peoples across the globe and the analytical tools necessary for rigorous and culturally sensitive analyses of these experiences. Faculty who teach in Africana Studies have research and teaching interests in the history of Africa and African descended peoples as well as on the impact of slavery, colonialism, and race and ethnicity in the modern world. Although our curriculum focuses on three major sites of the African Diaspora-Africa, the US and the Caribbean-- our comparative approach encompasses the African influences on and experiences of peoples of African descent throughout the world, including Europe and the Americas."


In this guide, you'll find resources to support research in Africana Studies, including:

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Reference Resources in Africana Studies