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Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures

Cultural Studies, Literary Analysis, and Writing Librarian

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Vani Natarajan
Milstein 311. Working remotely most Mondays and Tuesdays usually on campus W, Th, Fri

About this Guide

In this guide, you'll find resources to help you with your research in Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures:

Please feel free to book an appointment with me on my calendar page, for further support with your research.


Image : Sign from the stacks of the Nablus Library in Nablus, Palestine, the oldest and largest public library in the West Bank. The sign, transliterated, reads "700 - 799 - Funun" (Funun in Arabic can be translated to mean "art," and 700-799 is the Dewey Decimal call number range for materials related to the arts). Photograph by Vani Natarajan, 2014.

Reference Resources in Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures