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ECHS 3028: Economic History of Global Capitalism

Spring 2024, Prof. Alan Dye

About this guide

Welcome! This guide highlights key resources for conducting effective research for Economic History of Global Capitalism course with Prof. Alan Dye, including the following: 

  • Reference sources to find background information on your topic
  • Catalogs and e-book collections to search for books in print and online
  • Databases for locating scholarly journal articles, reviews, and working papers
  • Reliable strategies for finding and sources of data and statistics
  • Database for locating news articles, transcripts, and videos
  • Databases for locating other primary sources such as U.S. government documents and other primary source digital collections
  • Resources for citing your sources and writing in economics
  • Tips to to help keep textbook costs down

If you need assistance identifying additional resources, search terms or strategies, please schedule a research consultation


Background information - encyclopedias & dictionaries

Consult scholarly reference sources to get an overview of a topic, an introduction to a theory, definitions to discipline-specific terms, and more.