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EDUC 3030: Critical Pedagogies: Pedagogy of Hope

Jenna Freedman made this guide for Natalia Ortiz's Critical Pedagogies class.

Goals: 5 minutes

Set the tone for a warm and welcoming space

Listen to understand

Encourage multiple voices to be heard

Recognize different ways of participating

Nina Nijsten's Definition

Nijsten, Nina. Scissors & Chainsaws No. 2 : Diary Comic Zine Made in July 2020 During International Zine Month. Gent, Belgium: Nina Nijsten, 2020.

Read and Discuss: 30 Minutes

photo of a russian blue cat reading a zineRead

Skim each zine for three minutes and then move on to the next one. You won't have time to read the whole zines. 


  1. Abolish Time no. 1 by Estelle Ellison Zines E556a no.1 2019
  2. Brainscan. no. 33: DIY Witchery : An Exploration of Secular Witchcraft by Alex Wrekk Zines W74b no.33 2017
  3. Doris #24 by Cindy Crabb Zines O84d no.24
  4. Evolution of a Race Riot edited by Mimi Nguyen Zines N584e 1997
  5. Feminist Pedagogy Zine edited by Jessa Lingel Zines L5644f 2018
  6. Femme Flick by Tina Spangler Zines S685f
  7. Fucktooth by Jen Angel Zines A544f
  8. Greenzine by Cristy Road Zines R62g
  9. I've Worn All the Shirts in the Drawer: 64 Days of T-Shirts During COVID-19 by A.j. Michel Zines M685i 2020
  10. [Invent Learning Here] : A Zine About Self-Authored Learning by Yuval Dinoor Zines D566i 2019
  11. Mad Love by Jessica Max Stein Zines S745m
  12. Nos Cuidamos / We Take Care of Us : Stories of Mutual Aid in Response to COVID-19 in Bushwick, BK / Historias de Ayuda Mutua en Respuesta al COVID-19 en Bushwick, BK / by Amy C., Amy L., Anisa, Ariana, Chalay, Ciera, Cynthia, DeBoRah, Lula, Manon, Sarina, and William Zines N673 2021
  13. Picaflor #1 by Celia Perez Zines P47p no.1
  14. Teaching with Zines by Nicole Acosta Zines A2678t 2018
  15. Tenacious: Art & Writing by Women in Prison, edited by Vikki Law Zines T45
  16. Things My Mom Thinks Made Me Gay by Nathalie Levine Zines L485646t no. 1
  17. Think About the Bubbles #9: Two Zines by Joe Hatton Zines H388t no.9 2013
  18. Women of Color: How to live in the City of Roses and Avoid the Pricks #1, edited by Tonya Jones Zines J66w no.1 2011?


risographic printed quotation, "By offering an alternative to mainstream late-capitalist modes of operation, zines enact a public pedagogy of hope." - Alison PiepmeierDiscuss

In twos and threes discuss for eight minutes:

  • What moves you/or not about the zines?
  • Contextualize the zine with the readings




Risograph print by Suze Myers BC '16