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ENGL 3181: Survey of American Literature, 1871-1945

This guide provides resources to support the research essay assignment for Survey of American Literature, 1871-1945. Guide created by Martha Tenney, Barnard College Archivist with edits and updates by Vani Natarajan, Librarian for Literary Analysis, Cultu

About this Guide

Welcome! In this guide you will find resources for completing the primary source research essay for American Literature, 1871-1945, including:Portrait of Zora Neale Hurston in a hat, 1938

  • Background Information (including encyclopedias and other reference sources)
  • Books (for tips on finding primary sources in CLIO)
  • Primary Sources (including digital archives, New York-area archives, and government documents)
  • News (for finding historical newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals)
  • Citing and Writing (for some tips on formulating research questions and citing materials)
  • Affordable Textbooks (for free methods to get course texts and other materials)

Please feel free to book an appointment with me to talk more about your research!

Slides from the class presentation are here, and our brainstorming document is here.


Image: Portrait of Zora Neale Hurston, 1938, Carl Van Vechten, Van Vechten Collection, Library of Congress ( via Wikimedia Commons