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ENGL 3997: Late-Victorian and Modern Drama

Reference sources

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Where to find reference sources at Barnard/Columbia

These are examples of reference works where you can find overviews and background information on your text and topic.

Print reference books listed here are located in several places in Butler Library, and cannot be checked out. Consider instead taking notes, scanning, or photographing what you need. Most Butler reference books are in rooms 301 or 310 and are discoverable through CLIO. See table below, or PDF on reference collection locations.

Butler Reference Collection Locations
Call Number Range Room Location
A - Q (Library of Congress Classification) 301 Bookcases 18-29
R010 - R016.3395 310 NE Mezzanine, Alcove 29-33
R016.34 - R016.396 310 Alcove 5
R016.397 - R.016.6639 310 Bookcases near 310 Entrance
R16.7 - R029 310 SW & SE Mezzanine Bookcases
R030 - R030 Greek EL23 310 South Wall (under Alcove 17)
R030 Greek M473 - R032 R27 310 NW Mezzanine, Alcove 24-28
R027 Oversize 310 Alcoves 6-10
R032.R 272 - R045 310 Back of Alcoves 3-4 (continued in Alcove 4-1)
R046 - R999 301 Start at Bookcase 31
S - Z (Library of Congress Classification) 301 Bookcases 29-30
Oversize 310 Alcoves 6-10
Atlases 209 Atlas Cove & Bookcase Adjacent - East Side
Language Dictionaries 303a Alcoves and Walls - South End of Room