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FYSB 1107: Race, Science, and Reproductive Justice: Zines

This guide supports research and zine making for Professor Lie-Spahn's First Year Seminar

Read and Discuss

Introduce the QZAP or Portland Button Works zine you read in a breakout group for five minutes:

Zine sample-palooza! Read/skim a zine for two minutes and then switch, for five rounds--last round, your choice of these zines.

[Content: curse words, sexuality, nudity, violence]

  1. Sharmie - I ♥ Amy Carter
  2. Arianna - Femme Shark Communique #1
  3. Hui Ping - RMO Summer Tour 2008
  4. Sydney - Your Secretary #3/Identify This! (split zine)
  5. Jenab - Some Boys Bleed
  6. Sofia - SoyBoi #1
  7. Victoria - TimTum: A TransJew Zine
  8. Yasmin - Trans(in)Formation
  9. Phuthumile - From Here to There and Back Again #1
  10. Jailine - Rebel Fux #1
  11. Anya - Ungrateful Black-White Girl
  12. Julia - Sassyfrass Circus #7
  13. Ayomide - Radical Cheerleaders of Santa Cruz (Cheerbook)
  14. Vivien - Fort Mortgage
  15. Professor Lie-Spahn - Asian American Feminist Antibodies

In breakout rooms discuss:

  • Did one or more of the zines have an impact on you, and why or why not?
  • What does the zine say about its creator--directly or indirectly?
  • Why do you think they chose a zine as their medium?
  • Are there graphics in the zine? Handwriting? Collages? Do they complement or complicate the text?
  • How does the zine make you feel?

Group share.

Zines Are

What is a zine?

free vulnerable platform informative descriptive authentic intimate

liberating sharing-a-message personal telling-stories accessible empowering collaborative