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FYSB 1754: Border Stories

Zine Librarian Jenna Freedman created this guide to support zine-making in Francesca Ochoa's First Year Seminar Workshop: Border Stories

Read and Discuss

Read zines for two minutes and then pass them. Discuss:

  • What does the zine say about its creator--directly or indirectly?
  • Why do you think they chose a zine as their medium?
  • Are there graphics in the zine? Handwriting? Collages? Do they complement or complicate the text? (Think about the Piepmeier reading)
  • How does the zine make you feel?

Group show & tell.

Zines Are

What is a zine?

expression * personal * vulnerable * emotional * illustrated * thoughts * creative * creative * interpretation * unique * random * collage * raw * authentic