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PSYC 1001: Intro to Psychology

This guide accompanies the zine assignment in Michelle Greene's fall 2023 Intro to Psychology class

Zines Are

zine page excerpt that reads, "What is a Zine? * My definition: 'For me a zine is not just a self-made and self-published booklet but it is also situated within DIY culture. This means it is non-profit, non-commerical, low-budget, and non-competitive. Topics and styles can vary but it's important that zines remain accessible, both to readers (everyone can afford to buy or trade them) and to writers (everyone can make them). Zines don't exist as little paper islands but they are connected and blossom within a mutually supportive zine community."

Nijsten, Nina. Scissors & Chainsaws No. 2 : Diary Comic Zine Made in July 2020 During International Zine Month. Gent, Belgium: Nina Nijsten, 2020.

Zine Examples

Zine Library

Welcome to the Barnard Zine Library!

The Barnard Zine Library is part of the Barnard Library and Academic Information Services (BLAIS) in the Milstein Center for Teaching and Learning at Barnard College, Columbia University. The zines are described in the library catalog we share with Columbia University Libraries (CUL), CLIO.

photo of the barnard zine library stacks

Barnard's zines reflect the Barnard College student population with regard to gender. We have zines by women, nonbinary people, and trans men, with a collection emphasis on zines by women of color and a newer effort to acquire more zines by trans women. We collect zines on feminism and femme identity by people of all genders. The zines are personal and political publications on a wide range of topics, broadly addressing gender, feminisms, identities, political activism, and popular culture. Frequent topics include, for example, teenage girlhoods, punk cultures, COVID-19, riot grrrl, LGBTQIA experiences, BIPOC identities, travel, comics, physical and mental health, body image, gender nonconformity, discrimination, DIY and crafting, cooking, friendship, and much more. Our zines are at the lower end of the production level scale and typically cost $10 or less, with most of them in the $1-$5 range.

Our zines are cataloged in CLIO. < zines AND (scien* OR psychology OR STEM OR biolog* OR chemist*) > Location: Barnard  Genre: Zines

We have a zine club that makes a compilation zine every semester. The zine club been led by BIPOC and other students continuously since 2010.

Zine (drawing) workshop Thursday night!

Zine Elements

We have a Collage Corner in the Zine Library & Zine Kits that can be checked out.


color * construction paper * relief print * parchment paper


staples * sewing * stab * pamphlet * paper types * materials


illustrations * fair use/copyright * photographs * typography/handwriting * backgrounds


Essay * Poem * Review * Drawing * Collage * Personality Quiz * Crossword Puzzle * Playlist * Top Ten List * Likes/Dislikes * How To * Comic * Rant * Blank Space * Art * Handwriting * Typewriting * Design Software * Stick Figures

Metadata: author, title, publication location, publication date, freedoms and restrictions


personal * political * art * literary * split * compilation * minicomics * DIY


  • You can access the Adobe Creative Suite in the Media Post-Production Lab in MLC 105. Many zine library, Media Center, and Design Center staffers have expertise with Adobe CS applications
  • Google Presentations are surprisingly good for zine making. Be sure to change the page dimensions to a portrait style (e.g., 5.5x8.5) instead of landscape
  • If you insist on using Canva, use your own designs and graphics, or your zine might resemble other Canva-designed zines more closely than you intend

Pro Tips

  • For a half size zine (the size of a piece of printer paper folded in half), the zine's number of pages must be divisible by 4. For a quarter size zine, the  number of pages must be divisible by 8
  • Leave a 1/4" margin around your pages
  • Remember your zine will be copied or scanned, so light text and images may not reproduce well
  • You do you

Five Rules / Guidelines

  zines + things 20  followers 6  following 2 posts a zine press in portland 💖 important things —>  Posts Posts & replies Media  zines + things · 10d hey sky pals! we’re zines + things a small zine press run by three ladies in a trench coat. we make and publish atmospheric, tender and earnest zines about love and life and less serious shit   ALT   zines + things · 10d 5 rules for zine-making! on the blog right this very second ✨ call them mantras or intentions or whatever you want, use them to help you make rad zines.   ALT  - end of feed -  Home Search My Feeds Notifications Moderation Profile Settings zines things  zines + things Akili (does (things) )  Ess Writes Things ⚧️  Myles Does Things  emwing makes things  Colin (Writes Things)  Jason Writes Things  Jack Makes Things Send feedback  ·  Privacy  ·  Terms  ·  Help    the zines + things: five rules for zine making. 1) that’s zines, baby 2) if you aren’t paying, raising me, or fucking me, don’t tell me what to do 3) everything is copy 4) get that money 5) do it and see what happens.  image is a soft gradient of orange, green and pale yellow with doodle-like collage elements of a swirl and and lofi rose.   Jenna Freedman 392  followers 185  following 302 posts zine librarian, librarian zinester, abolition, perimenopause, cats, books, boycott Amazon, blood donor, banner from S.S.S.S. zine by Bianca Ortiz  Posts Posts & replies Media Likes  Jenna Freedman · 4h At an affirmative action discussion at Barnard College, NYU law school Dean says “If you aren’t getting sued, you aren’t doing the work.”  I love to hear that because school and institution (ALA) counsel can be devastatingly risk averse.   Can we ever lead from fear of…leading?   Jenna Freedman · 6h It's so weird to me that there are people who are interested in men's sports and athletes, other than maybe Colin Kaepernick.  Reposted by Jenna Freedman  Jake Berg · 1d Four free covid tests are yours if you want 'em COVID Home Tests | USPS COVID Home Tests | USPS   Jenna Freedman · 1d ICYMI 📚  we here®️ · 1mo we here ✌🏽   Jenna Freedman · 2d This is who Below Deck has been missing  cats with jobs 🛠 · 2d     Jenna Freedman · 2d Surveillance Dalek  Eric FG · 3d   any thoughts on what the charges would be for putting a big "fuck the police" post-it note on its back?   Jenna Freedman · 3d Introduce yourself with some jobs you have done apart from what you do now:  Library page (hated it) Ice cream scooper Mall hot dog server Copy shop clerk Bookstore clerk Bookstore manager Theatrical electrician Theater production mgr Internet tv network production mgr Electronic resources librarian  Steph Noell · 3d Introduce yourself with some jobs you have done apart from what you do now:   Chuck E. Cheese performer Pyrotechnics assistant Served gyros to mobsters Recycled 10,000 government documents Logic & philosophy instructor Texas Labor Archives manager Comics librarian   Jenna Freedman · 3d Conclusion endorsed  Randall Munroe · 3d Urban Planning Opinion Progression    Reposted by Jenna Freedman  Debbie Reese/P'oesay P'oekwîn · 3d The 9/23/2023 update of my log of Native-authored books that have been banned or challenged includes YOU HOLD ME UP.   Details on each book are here:   These voices and stories are unique amongst the thousands of bks published.     Jenna Freedman · 3d I woke up with this burning question: why is URL an initialism when it could easily be an acronym, pronounced like the name or title Earl? Is it too late to make “Url” catch on?  Reminds me I met someone who tried to make “Lish” happen for LCSH, which IMO (“immo”?) is ridiculous. 📚   Jenna Freedman · 4d Ayun Halliday made a zine critiquing the Barbie movie. It is 100% accurate that any movie true to Barbie life should have included A LOT OF SEX, including Barbie on Barbie sex because really who had many Ken dolls. Ayun offers to collab on Barbie 2: XXX. #GenX Barbie Movie Manqué zine — Ayun Halliday Hi Barbie. You've seen the movie. You had the dolls. You staged some pretty  wild parties in your childhood basement. This little zine from the Chief  Primatologist of the East Village Inky suggests a...   Jenna Freedman · 4d Yesterday in library class, I related my college (Barnard) library to its university (Columbia) libraries as a specialty bodega & a big box store. A student declared our library the hot Cheetos spot (they're hard to locate in Morningside Hts) within our large library system, which I don't hate. 📚   Jenna Freedman · 4d Today in zine cataloging  "Zine is treated by them as some kitsch term for independent publications that aren't as nice as artist publications."  FUIWDWUTM #43 by E.Y.   Jenna Freedman · 4d Historians: please “discover articles by archivists and archives professors 📜  Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Lehfeldt · 4d I've gotten great suggestions before--many of which I'm using--but I'm back to ask my fellow historians:  What are your favorite *articles* that problematize an aspect of doing public history (museums, sites, archives, collections, etc).  TIA!   Jenna Freedman · 7d I coedited an "Idea Lab" for The Journal of Library Outreach & Engagement with Stephanie Diaz on social media in libraries in the age of social media's ethical decline. #library #libraries #socialMedia #TheBadPlace #DorotheaSalo 📚 View of Idea Lab   Jenna Freedman · 7d Follow for quality cat, book, twins-rearing, and queer content   Jenna Freedman · 8d Do you count spam inquiries   (e.g., Apologies for the direct approach, I researched your company on Linkedin. I was wondering if you considering or currently exploring the adoption of a cloud-based library solution?)   in your reference statistics? 📚   Jenna Freedman · 8d ⛔️ I will not seek or accept any conference presentations, book chapters, or other to-dos. This is my Year of No. Please remind me of my Academic Year 2024 resolution now and again. ⛔️  Reposted by Jenna Freedman  Prisonculture · 8d Join FTP Leftist Library Project on 10/5 for a dynamic how-to session focused on local organizer efforts to strengthen & defend public libraries. We'll hear firsthand accounts from the Hennepin County Library Patrons Union and Louisiana Citizens Against Censorship. How They Did It: Community-Based Efforts to Defend Public Libraries Join us for a dynamic how-to session focused on local organizer efforts to strengthen and defend public libraries.  Reposted by Jenna Freedman  Milo · 8d I wasn't angry when I woke up, but reading about a missing $80,000,000 F-35 fighter jet is really piss in my Cheerios this morning.   What good could we do with all that money instead of putting it into malfunctioning and broken killing machines? Have you seen a missing fighter jet? U.S. asks for help after ‘mishap’ The jet was left in autopilot mode so there’s a possibility it could still be airborne somewhere over South Carolina, a spokesman at Joint Base Charleston told NBC News.   Jenna Freedman · 9d Someone posted a five rules for zine making, and that inspired me to make my own. What are yours?  #CutAndPaste #Anarchopunk #FuckCapitalism #TinyAnimalStickers #Mail   ALT  Reposted by Jenna Freedman  Prisonculture · 13d I am BEGGING people on the Left(s) TO ACTUALLY GET INVOLVED in your local public libraries. Find out how here: For The People   Jenna Freedman · 10d How’s everyone’s 5784 going so far? What are your New Year’s resolutions? I wonder if there’s a noticeable rise in gym traffic right after Rosh Hashanah? 🍎🍯🧘🏻‍♀️   Jenna Freedman · 10d When you no longer need pockets because you can fit your keys, phone, and wallet into the bags under your eyes   Jenna Freedman · 11d Um…are shofars ethically harvested?   Jenna Freedman · 11d If you ever need to pause, breathe, and smell the disinfectant, buy your groceries at ShopFair on Avenue C, where no one (No One) is in a hurry. #InvoluntaryZen   Jenna Freedman · 12d Today in zine cataloging, Mando introduces a niche getting-to-know-you-question in their zine Pasta for Wings  "What is your second favorite kind of tea?" observing that "nobody asks your second favorite of anything."  If you're curious about mine, btw, it's currently Lemon Lift by Bigelow.  Reposted by Jenna Freedman  Amanda in NYC · 12d The allegiance between antisemites and the Israeli state is really something  Nails Nathan · 12d “This summer, Netanyahu smoothed things over in a conversation with Musk after the X owner repeated antisemitic tropes about Jewish financier George Soros.”  How is Netanyahu in any position to speak for George Soros?   Jenna Freedman · 12d On Thursdays, we catalog from home 📚   ALT   Jenna Freedman · 12d 📚  onekade · 12d “Children are people who deserve private reading lives.” - Emily Drabinski, president of the ALA   Home Search My Feeds Notifications Moderation Profile Settings zines things  zines + things Akili (does (things) )  Ess Writes Things ⚧️  Myles Does Things  emwing makes things  Colin (Writes Things)  Jason Writes Things  Jack Makes Things Send feedback  ·  Privacy  ·  Terms  ·  Help    Notebook page with animal and star stickers, washi tape and postage themed graphics surrounding this handwritten text:  S1723 Jenna' zine-making recs 1.	Zine making is grounded in anarchopunk, DIY, mutual aid culture 2.	Try not to emulate or get caught up in mainstream publishing standards 3.	Zines are more like a diary entry than an Instagram post 4.	Fuck capitalism 5.	Be vulnerable and make a mess  What are your five rules or recs?