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NYC Zine Culture

Made for Anya Kurennaya's class at Parson's School of Design, Spring 2020

Zine Construction


  • color
  • construction
  • relief prints


  • staples
  • sewing
  • stab
  • materials


  • illustrations
  • fair use/copyright
  • photographs
  • typography/handwriting
  • backgrounds


  • prose
  • art
  • poems
  • games
  • collages
  • internet content
  • metadata: author/title/date/publication location/rights
  • manifestos
  • white space
  • excerpts
  • reviews


  • personal
  • political
  • art
  • literary
  • split
  • compilation
  • minicomics
  • DIY

PS Check out the Design Center for sewing and print making.

NYC Feminist Zinefest


Pull zines off the shelves as you like.

Leave them out for a student to reshelve.

Scan and photograph for your own use. Get permission before sharing.

Come back anytime, but evenings and weekends, you'll need to get swiped in.