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SOCI 3920: Advanced Topics in Gender and Sexuality

This guide accompanies library and archives research instruction provided by Jenna Freedman and Martha Tenney for Elizabeth Bernstein's Fall 2020 Seminar.

Automagic Citations & Bibliographies

Stylized image of "Zotero"

Zotero is a free citation management program that helps you collect and organize your research information.

It can help you build personal library of source information from articles, books, documents, web pages, and more.  This personal library of sources can work with your word processing tool to format a paper in your choice of style.

  • Save citations from databases, web sites, and library catalogs
  • Manage, tag, and organize citations into collections
  • Cite sources as you write and create reference lists in a wide variety of styles (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago, ASA, Vancouver, etc.)
  • Attach PDFs, images, web page snapshots, reading notes, and more to citations in your collection
  • Share Zotero libraries with others using Zotero groups 


Just need to create a quick bibliography? Try ZoteroBib. No account needed.

image of zoterobib entry

To use:

  • Simply paste a URL, ISBN, DOI, PMID, arXiv ID, or title and click "cite" to autogenerate a citation.
  • Keep adding more to create a whole bibliography.
  • Export your bibliography/works cited page by either copying to clipboard, downloading an RTF file, copying HTML, downloading RIS, downloading BibTeX, or saving to a Zotero account.
  • Link to this version to upload a copy to and generate a link that you can use to retrieve that version of your bibliography later.

Bibliography from Research Class

These are the items Jenna saved to Zotero throughout the class, copied as a Chicago style bibliography. The bibliography is unedited, so you can see what work will be needed to correct some of the citations. Chicago style pizza provided by Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar on Flickr, not Zotero.

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