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ECON 3062: Economics Senior Thesis II (Ananat)

Prof. Elizabeth Ananat, Spring 2022

Library catalogs and e-book collections

New York Public Library

College students that attend New York State colleges but are studying remotely from home out of the state/country may still apply for NYPL cards! 

If you are currently located in New York State

Your Barnard Personal Librarian
  1. Make an appointment with your Personal Librarian
  2. At your appointment, fill out the form and get your card right there!
  3. Your card may take a week to activate
Using the SimplyE app
  1. Download the SimplyE app
  2. Click Find Your Library and choose the New York Public Library
  3. Click Settings, then Accounts, then New York Public Library
  4. Click "Don't have a library card? Sign up" and enter the information
  5. Note: You must enable location services to sign up for a library card, but you only need them during the initial sign--up
  6. Go to any NYPL branch to get your physical card!

If you are located outside of New York State

  1. Download and fill out the application below [PDF file].
  2. You must use the Barnard address as your local address.
  3. You must also include a pin number (4 digits).
  4. Email your application/info to Use this subject in the email: NYPL Card Application. 
  5. NYPL staff can process these applications onsite and email you your library card number