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FYWB 1106: Seeing, Surveilling, and Performing (Condillac)

This is the library guide companion for the class session on April 11, 2022.

Search CLIO

Searching CLIO

Searching CLIO with Keywords and Nouns

  1. Day 1/Step 1: Read the text (Example: Ovid’s Hermaphroditus) and think of the themes that really compel you (Examples: gender, femininity, masculinity, femininity as comedy or punishment/devaluation, artistic depictions of Hermaphroditus)

  2. Day 2: Read a few summaries/reviews of the text, I even usually read a Wikipedia summary

    • Also read related texts (Example: NYT article “What’s so bad about a boy in a dress?” from 2012)

  3. Day 3: Start generating questions about the text

  4. Day 4: Search questions separately based on main ideas and nouns from the questions