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Feminism, Science, & Reproductive Technologies: Library and Archival Research

This guide, created by Director of the Barnard Archives and Special Collections, Martha Tenney and Jenna Freedman, Curator of the Barnard Zine Library, supports Cecelia Lie-Spahn's Feminism, Science & Reproductive Technologies class, Summer 2021

Finding books and other primary sources in CLIO

Keywords for searching in CLIO

When doing a subject search in CLIO (in the catalog, specifically) use terms like sources, documentary (or document*  -- the truncation symbol will then search on documentary and documents and document), archiv*, memoir, autobiography, letters, correspondence, etc. Add them to your keyword using Boolean search terms, or the advanced search.

For example:
"jim crow" AND (source* OR archiv* OR document* OR memoir OR autobiography OR letters OR correspondence)

Narrowing to contemporaneous sources in CLIO by date

You can also use CLIO to narrow down the years of publications to possibly find primary sources still in circulation or digitized books in Hathi Trust and other databases. Note that narrowing years of publication to your time period will exclude recently published editions of older books as well as edited anthologies of documentary sources (such as a book of historical speeches) published outside of your time period.