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Zines for the Young Women's Leadership Institute: Summer 2021


Make a Zine

photo of a cat covered in pieces of paperZine Making

half size--paper or digital

Suggested Themes

  • Free samples at Costo (other example TK) or: things I am glad to see/do again
  • What is bringing you joy
  • Fanzine about your favorite or least favorite TV show, celebrity, politician, sports figure, family member


With help from Milo Miller, famed QZAP co-founder, I've developed a zine template for myself for making a quarter-size zine that's eight pages long in InDesign. (This is not a template for a one-page folded zine. Those are easy to find.)

indd file

pdf file

docx file

link to Google slide

show origami sample

[/new conten]

Cover (p1)

Selfie or brain map

Inside cover (p2)
  • Introduce your zine (pro-tip: you might want to do this at the end, so you know what you're introducing)
  • Metadata: contextualize for the reader
    • Author
    • Date
    • Publication location
    • Contact information
  • Freedoms and restrictions
    • Do you want to claim copyright?
    • Assign a CC license?
    • Reject copyright?
    • Control digital reproduction?
  • The required or repetitive stuff, like the honor code: consider using a QR code
Page 3

Rant, manifesto, I statements poem

Page 4 (left side of centerfold)

Cartoon, sketch, art, doodles (be bold! draw stick figures!)

Page 5 (right side of centerfold)

Up to you!

Page 6

Pencil game: maze, crossword puzzle, word finder, quiz, survey, matching

Page 7

Recipe (could be literally about food, or it could be "steps to dismantling whiteness.")

Back Cover

Credits, playlist, reviews or recommendations

Another pro-tip: number your pages. This will help when you are assembling your zines.

Zine Elements

photo of a hand drawing, with a white cat on the table definitely not interferingCovers

color * construction paper * relief print * parchment paper


staples * sewing * stab * pamphlet * paper types * materials


illustrations * fair use/copyright * photographs * typography/handwriting * backgrounds


Essay * Poem * Review * Drawing * Collage * Personality Quiz * Crossword Puzzle * Playlist * Top Ten List * Likes/Dislikes * How To * Comic * Rant * Blank Space * Art * Handwriting * Typewriting * Design Software * Stick Figures

Metadata: author, title, publication location, publication date, freedoms and restrictions


personal * political * art * literary * split * compilation * minicomics * DIY

Pro Tips

  • Leave a 1/4" margin around your pages
  • Remember your zine will be copied or scanned, so light text and images may not reproduce well
  • You do you

Share Your Work

Breakout groups

share in chat, links & discussion

screen grabs


make upload form