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The Perzine Is Political

Barnard Zine Library Curator Jenna Freedman made this guide for Word Up Community Bookshop's Lo'Mas Lit Book Club

Cataloging Is Political

search results in the library catalog for < zines palestin* >*&f%5B-format%5D%5B%5D=FOIA+Document&search_field=all_fields&commit=Search

Even the word "Palestine" is potentially loaded


screen grab of catalog record for "I Went to Palestine" zine by Rachel Rabble


You can try to please everyone!

screen grab: catalog holdings for I Went to Palestine

how can I get my zine into the library!?

We are looking to buy zines by BIPOC women, genderqueer folks, transfeminine people and by trans women of all races and ethnicities! We want to pay or trade for two copies of your zine(s)--one for preservation and one for access. Most of the zines in our library are on the lower end of the production scale, not costing more than a few dollars to create; but if you usually sell your zines at a sliding scale, we're more than happy to pay you on the higher end of that scale! If you think your zine is in scope, please fill out this form, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. ♥‿♥

Our zine collections are first and foremost creator-centered -- that means that you have agency and say over how you'd like your zines to be accessed. If there's contextual or identity-related information you want us to include or omit in the catalog record of your zine (say, your pronouns, your full name/part of your name/a different name than is included in the zine, gender identity, hometown etc.), you can inform us within the acquisition form or via email. There is no deadline on this; if something changes, we're ready to talk about it. Your comfort is our priority, and we'll work with you to determine what feels right.

One day she's your girlfriend...<3 Libel by Jenna DeLorey (~1994)


cover of Coronavirus ¿Qué es? zine: virus molecule with an Amazon arrow smileBarnard Zine Library staff are collecting COVID-19 themed zines made by womxn, nonbinary people, and all members of the Barnard community. We will gladly buy two copies of your zine via PayPal.* We can provide a postal address (the zine librarian's home) or can print black and white pdfs on 8.5x11 paper. Email to connect with us. As of August 31, we have more than 400 zines in CLIO, some of them with download links.

*Up to $8 per zine, price is up to you and typically reflects printing and postage costs and your labor. Higher end zines are out of scope.