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HIST 3692: Anarchism: A Global History (Fall 2023)

A collection of resources for HIST 3692 taught by Professor José Moya.

Alternative Press Resources

Newspapers, pamphlets, newsletters and zines have always been important ways that groups outside the mainstream have disseminated information. These publications were created and published by individuals or by alternative, independent, or underground presses and some can be found digitized and accessible online or as part of library special collections and/or organization archives.

There are a number of databases in CLIO that contain searchable publications from alternative/underground, or ethnic presses. The Barnard Zines collection is also an excellent resource for locating publications written by anarchists or about anarchism.

Here are a few useful sites to browse titles of alt press publications and to learn more about collections in general:




Independent Newspapers and Zines

Independent Presses

Digitized Collections

CLIO Resources