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Magazines, art, public culture...and also zines! ♥

here we have...

The following are a few periodicals (or, serialized materials) held by our library and archives; some fall outside of the zine format (i.e. glossy, not handmade, mass- produced and -distributed), but come out of parallel independent publishing scenes, were formerly DIY publications that became commercialized or otherwise glossier over time, or share audiences of zine readers and creators.

Sassy (1988-1996) ★ 90's alt teen girl heaven.

★ BUST (1993-) ★ "For women with something to get off their chest."

★ Ben is Dead edited by Darby Romeo (1988-1999)   Satirical, tongue-and-cheek, punk and pop culture magazine based out of L.A.

★ Original Plumbing edited by Amos Mac & Rocco Kayiatos (2009-2019) ★ A trans mens' quarterly focused on their experiences, celebrations, and imaginations, featuring writing on both playful and political topics like selfies, bathrooms, and safer sex.

FaT GiRL (1994-1997) ★ “For fat dykes and the women who want them.”

★ Bamboo Girl by Sabrina Margarita Alcantara-Tan (1995-2005) "I do a zine that speaks from my point of view as a queer mixed-blood Asian girl who confronts issues of racism, sexism, and homophobia in an in-your-face kind of way."

★ Chick factor (1992-) edited by Gail O'Hara & Pam Berry   Feminist music review & interview fanzine for indie darlings! 

★ Tenacious (2001-2020) by Vikki Law  Tenacious is a zine of art and writings by women incarcerated across the United States. "The idea for Tenacious originated with several women incarcerated in Oregon. Because people inside prisons do not have access to printers, copy machines, massive amounts of postage and all the resources that zine-makers on the outside may take for granted, they approached me and asked if I would be the outside publisher. How could I say no?" 



Outside of our zine collection, Barnard is also home to a feminist periodicals collection (shelved just around the corner from the zine library space!) and the BCRW Historical Periodicals Collection in the Barnard Archives.