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CSER 3919: Modes of Inquiry

Professor Sayantani DasGupta

Conscious & Unconscious Bias

Who decides?

Selection of materials and formats

Areas of interest and expertise



The library is PEOPLE.

photo: Barnard Library staff from @barnlib Twitter banner


Deep Trance Hypnosis: Become a Billionaire. Photo from Your Inner Billionaire Series 3.Question Authorship

Who is responsible for the work?
Who is it for? Who isn't it for?
Who funded it?
How did the creator or funder get their position?
Who isn't positioned to create or fund this type of work? 
How is the work described? Who describes it?
Using what/whose language?
Who made this very guide?
How is it arranged?
What does it privilege?


Graphic by Dorothy Joseph licensed for reuse: paper dollar bills swirling around a dollar coin with depicting the Statue of Liberty.

Search Engine Comparison

Bing, DuckDuckGo, Google

In group of two or three:

  • Which results are closest to the top?
  • Is paid content clearly identified?
  • Are your results the same as each other's?

graphic: DuckDuckGo surveillance logo