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HIST 3776: Mapping African Migrations

This guide provides resources and tips for researching spatial histories, and more broadly, conducting historical research, for Abosede George's History Course: Mapping African Migrations (Fall 2019). Librarian: Vani Natarajan Professor: Abosede George

Strategies for Finding Maps Using CLIO and WorldCat

You can use CLIO's features to look for maps using the library's resources. 

Using the Catalog

  • ​To search for maps published in atlases and other books, type in "map OR maps" (or the equivalent terms if searching in another language), leaving All Fields selected in the drop-down search menu. Add other words to specify location, feature,etc. (like Lagos, or "Bight of Benin.")
  • To search for maps available in the Lehman Map Room, or digitally as individual records: instead of typing "maps" as a key word, run a search with additional terms, and then limit results by Format to Map/Globe.

Using the Articles Search

  • The Articles Search can help us find maps largely available as digital resources, through database and other subscriptions. 
  • Here, you can either add "Map OR Maps" to an All Fields search, 
  • Or, you can select Map under Content Type (facet box on the left side of the results screen).

Using WorldCat

  • WorldCat allows us to search for maps and cartographic resources beyond Columbia's collections (as well as providiing a different view of what we have locally at Barnard and Columbia). 
  • From the Advanced Search page, enter the search terms you'd like that may point to location, theme, etc. You may also wish to add a word like "maps" or "atlas" to the search, but it is not required. 
  • Under the Limit Type To section, select  Maps.
  • You may then try using Borrow Direct or Interlibrary Loan to determine if you might  request delivery of specific published maps (especially atlases and other bound volumes) to a Columbia Library.

Databases and sites where you can search for maps