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Data Management Plans and Research Support

What is data preservation?

Data preservation involves archiving, storing, or depositing data in a repository for long-term preservation in order to share the data, allow for the replication and verification of findings based on the data, and meet the requirements of funding agencies or organizations.

Where can I deposit my data for long-term preservation?

  • Barnard faculty members and students can archive/store their research data in Academic Commons, Columbia's institutional repository. Researchers can deposit all kinds and formats of data with Academic Commons (including scientific data). They strongly encourage you to contact them when you are planning your project, especially if you will be collecting large amounts of data or if you expect to generate large individual data files.
  • Harvard's Dataverse is an open repository that researchers from all disciplines and from institutions worldwide may use to deposit their data.
  • figshare is a cloud-based research repository "where users can make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner."
  • ICPSR is the go-to repository for the social sciences.
  • Zenodo is a repository hosted at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) for "all research outputs from across all fields of research"