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Issues in Zine Cataloging

This guide accompanies Issues in Zine Cataloging, presented at the Zines in Libraries conference by Jenna Freedman in July 2022.


zine cover: xZINECOREx An Introduction. Feminine person making eyes at a thought bubble that reads "Shared zine metadata"selected MARC & xZINECOREx semi-equivalencies (don't come for me), plus a field or two I feel strongly about

 07          form

1xx/7xx   creator

245         title

300/563  physical description

505         table of contents

540/542  freedoms and restrictions

541         provenance

650         subject

655         genre

Doris by Cindy

cover of Doris zine #15 the DIY Antidepression Guide. Handwritten text and stick figure drawings around a globe shapIn WorldCat

In ZineCat

Take a sec and see if it's held in your library and how the catalog record or spreadsheet line or box list describes it.