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Weigh of Showing & Overthrowing the 10-Page Paperarchy

This guide accompanies Jenna Freedman's presentation at HASTAC 2023 held at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and support this event!Black kitten biting a box of envelopes

  • Producers
  • Administrators
  • People who took on unrelated work while colleagues spent time on this project
  • Outreach people
  • Facilities staff who set up chairs
  • Housekeeping staff who maintain spaces
  • Everyone's partners, family members, animals, plants, etc. who keep them going
  • You--for your patience. This discussion is in progress!

Case Studies

cover of zine called "im not your little girl im a WITCH." the title is handwritten calligraphy of hand drawn witch symbolscase study im not your little girl im a WITCH!



cover of the zine "Weigh of Showing," which includes a Twitter exchange about teachers being sick of research papers and a scribbled yellow backroundcase study Weigh of Showing: An Interactive Technology Pedagogy Zine

  • manifesto
  • autoethnography & I voice
  • annotated drawings & other annotations
  • yelped lit review
  • disrespectful tone
  • invitation to participate