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Writing as Activism

FIT Class Taught by Melissa Tombro, Librarian Jenna Freedman

Even Before Getting Started

Skim and Pass

Everyone gets a different zine

You get one minute with the zine

You pass the zine to your--we'll figure out the direction(s) in class, to avoid total chaos/minor frustration

(unless you want to hold onto it for one extra turn, in which case the zine that would have gone to you goes to the next person)

Repeat 10x.


Take three minutes to write about what you saw and how zines feel to you.

Discuss What You Read and Saw

photo of a cat with an open box and a pile of zinesDiscuss

What kind of person made the last zine you looked at, and why?

Why did the creator(s) make a zine instead of...

  • a book
  • a poem
  • street theater
  • a Tumblr
  • an Instagram post
  • a meme
  • a protest
  • a letter to the editor
  • etc.

How to the images complement or complicate the text?


Take three minutes to write notes about what elements you'd like to incorporate in a zine.


Now That You're an Expert

zine cover: A Brief History of Civil Disobedience at ColumbiaWhat is a zine?

stream-of-consciousness, creative, visual storytelling, random thoughts, personal, authentic, passion project, collaborative, vulnerable, kind of scrappy, satisfying, original, comforting narrative, talking to yourself, personal, cathartic








A Brief History of Civil Disobedience at Columbia University zine by Maya Garfinkel, BC '19