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ARCH 3901: History of Architecture and Feminism

Research guide created by Martha Tenney and Jenna Freedman to support Anooradha Siddiqi's senior seminar on Minnette de Silva

About this Guide

Welcome! In this guide you will find resources supporting research and zine making for Histories of Architecture and Feminism:Photograph of Minnette de Silva sitting at a desk

  • Books (tips on finding primary sources in CLIO)
  • Primary Sources (including digital archives, New York-area archives, and government documents, although the main primary source for this class will be the Minnette de Silva text, The life & work of an Asian woman architect)
  • News (finding historical newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals)
  • Zines (for research and analysis, using the Barnard Zine Library, and zine making support)
  • Citing and Writing (tips on formulating research questions and citing materials)
  • Affordable Textbooks (free methods to get course texts and other materials)

Please feel encouraged to book an appointment with Martha or Jenna to talk more about your research!

Please also see the general architecture guide for additional resources.


Image: Portrait of Minnette de Silva from “Asian Woman Architect”: Minnette de Silva’s Vision of Tropical Modernism by Emily Nonko on Pelican Bomb, November 29, 2017.