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This is a general research guide for architecture research

General Scholarly Journal Databases

Architecture Databases

Even more databases:

There are even more databases in this discipline to explore. Follow this link for articles and other resources in Art, Architecture and Applied Arts.


About Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals

About Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals

(Scope: Nineteenth century to present with some citations as old as 1741)

Avery Index is the most comprehensive databases for finding articles in the field of architecture. It is maintained by our own Avery Library, one of the largest architecture libraries in the world. Other topics covered by Avery index include archaeology, landscape architecture, interior design, decorative arts, garden history, historic preservation, urban planning and design, real estate development and environmental studies. Because this databases is so comprehensive, it is your best bet when conducting research in architecture and adjacent fields.

For more information:

Searching in Avery Index

You can access Avery Index through two different vendors - each have their strengths and weaknesses. 


  • Advantage: Avery Library call numbers can be found at the bottom of the record 
  • Disadvantage: You must put each search term in a separate search box


  • Advantage: You can put multiple search terms in a single search box
  • Advantage: The database updates more frequently than Ebsco
  • Disadvantage: Avery Library call numbers are not included in the record

When searching both databases you may notice that one or the other returns more results. This is due to the frequency of updating on the part of Proquest and Ebsco. They receive the exact same index data, and generally speaking the results should be the same.

Finding Print Journals at Avery

Finding Print Journals at Avery Library

Many of the articles cited in Avery Index are not available in digital form. For these you will need to locate them in one of two locations. Current print journals can be found on the 200 level of Avery Library in room 222. For older periodicals, you will need to go to the 100 level of Avery, which is located below ground level.