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DNCE 3576: Dance Criticism

Zine Librarian Jenna Freedman made this guide to accompany a zine workshop for Siobhan Burke's Dance Criticism class at Barnard College, fall 2022.

Read and Discuss

Zine sampler! Read/skim a zine for two minutes and then pass it (five times). You will not be able to finish each zine now.

[Content: curse words, sexuality, nudity, trauma]

Groups of two and three, 5-8 minutes

  • What does the zine say about its creator--directly or indirectly?
  • Why do you think they chose a zine as their medium?
  • Are there graphics in the zine? Handwriting? Collages? Do they complement or complicate the text?
  • Discuss any elements of review or critique in the zine.

Zines Are

Nijsten, Nina. Scissors & Chainsaws No. 2 : Diary Comic Zine Made in July 2020 During International Zine Month. Gent, Belgium: Nina Nijsten, 2020.

A Little More About Zines


Sandner, David. “Zines to the Future! The Secret History of Zines.” StoryMapJS. Accessed October 6, 2020.

Note: sharing this timeline is not a 100% endorsement. It's useful, but I have some issues.