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FYWB 1109: First-Year Writing, Wild Tongues (Benjamin)

Latest information on access to materials

CLIO, the Library Catalog

Advanced Search Techniques

Catalog search tips:

  • If you know exactly what book (journal, video, etc.) you are looking for, you can search by Title, Author, ISBN, etc.
  • To find items about a specific topic, first try a keyword search in All Fields.
  • Use "quotation marks" to search for an exact phrase: "The Thief and the Dogs".
  • Use * for truncation (to find variant spellings and endings of a word): parent* will find parent, parents, parental, parenthood, etc.; wom*n will find woman, women, womyn, etc.
  • For more complex search, use AND and OR (note that AND and OR must be in ALL CAPS for this to work correctly in CLIO):
    • AND finds records which have ALL the search terms you entered.
    • OR finds records which have one of the search terms you entered, as well as records which have more than one of the terms. OR finds MORE.
    • For more help with using AND and OR, check our guide to advanced/Boolean keyword searching.
  • Use parentheses ( ) to group terms:  Frankenstein* AND (parent* OR father*)

Searching the CLIO Catalog

Finding ebooks and book chapters online

While not every book has a digital copy, many do. Almost all of the Columbia/Barnard ebooks are available in CLIO. If there's a book you need that we don't have, ask us to see if we can purchase a digital copy for the library! Use the form in the link below or email your personal librarian.

Finding ebooks in CLIO Catalog

Search in CLIO like normal, but choose both Book and Online in Format on the left side of the page.

format box in CLIO with book and online checked off

Finding Book Chapters Online

With CLIO QuickSearch


Requesting a Scan (Interlibrary Loan or in CLIO)

You can place requests for book chapters in ILL or request a scan in CLIO. Either find a citation through QuickSearch/Articles or in the databases using e-link, or fill out the form in the ILL page.

In CLIO Articles

You can select book chapter under content type on the left to narrow results to books. 

In the Catalog

Find the book, and click scan under Requests

You'll need to get the page numbers to place the request - either find a table of contents or citation online for this (Amazon preview can be good for this). You'll get an email with a PDF within a few days.

Interlibrary Loan

If you see a citation only for a book chapter with no full text under QuickSearch, or use elink in a database, you'll get an option for ILL that will autofill the required info. Otherwise, go to the ILL page and fill out the form. Make sure to get the page numbers of your chapter! A link to a PDF of your chapter will be emailed to you within a couple days.

Accessing and Reading ebooks

To access the ebook, click any of the links under Location: Online in a book record. Sometimes there's more than one, if multiple databases have the book.

CLIO record with arrow pointing to online book links

Enter your UNI and password when prompted. Each database is different, so the way to download or read your book might look very different. Most have a way to search within the book. Many might present a chapter at a time. Some have print/download limits. Often, PDF Full text is what you want to look for. Below are screenshots of three common databases where ebooks are hosted.


Arrow pointing to PDF Full Text on an ebsco ebook


ProQuest ebook with arrow pointing to a button saying Read Online

Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis ebook with arrows pointing at download book and read online