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FYWB 1119: Crossing Borders: The Americas

Spring 2023

Librarian for History and the Humanities

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Rachel Finn
Barnard Library
Milstein Center, Room 313

About This Guide

Audre LordeWelcome! This page highlights key resources for the  FYW Crossing Borders: Americas research project, including the following:

  • Slides and handouts for the library workshop
  • Reference sources to find background and contextual information on your topics and the approaches you might be bringing to your research
  • Places to search for books in print and online
  • Databases for locating articles, including scholarly and peer-reviewed articles
  • Resources for citing your sources and writing
  • Tips to to help keep textbook costs down
  • Remote library services

If you would like assistance identifying additional resources, search terms or strategies, please schedule a research consultation with your personal librarian.

Image: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; JEB (Joan E. Biren)

Steps in the Library Research Process

Things to think about when getting started with a research project or a critical conversation in your writing praxis:

  • Think of a topic or question that you're really curious about, something that really compels you. 

  • Write down some keywords and phrases that come to mind. You can use these to search. Be open to the possibility of new keywords, and try out different combinations!

  • Explore backgrounds and contexts. Reference sources can help you with concepts and terms, and they can also lead you to other relevant sources.

  • Search for books and articles on your topic. Carefully skim each source---including the synopsis, abstract, table of contents, and/or index--- to assess how relevant and useful it will be to you.  Put back books or articles that aren't useful.

  • Document and cite your sources as you go along - this will make the paper-writing process much easier!