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SOCI 3246: Medical Sociology

Prof. Amy Zhou, Spring 2022

Empirical Reasoning Center (ERC)

If you need assistance organizing, analyzing, or visualizing data sets, please visit the Empirical Reasoning Center (ERC). The Empirical Reasoning Center (ERC) helps faculty, students, and alumnae engage critically with data - quantitative, qualitative and spatial. 

Their website contains software tutorials and workshop tutorials. You can meet with staff of the ERC virtually by making an appointment or during walk-in hours.

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Jennie Correia, Social Sciences Librarian

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Jennie Correia
Milstein 304

United States & global social indicators and data

Opinion poll data

All of these surveys include at least some questions about people's health/well-being, access to healthcare, and/or thoughts on healthcare & medicine. 

Data archives

More data & statistics!

Need even more data sources? Check out the Barnard Library Social Science Data & Statistics Sources guide.