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WMST-BC1050: Women & Health


Welcome to the resource guide for the WMST-BC1050: Women & Health course. 

This guide will provide links and information for locating resources for the final project and doing general research related to the class. 

Surviving Voices

Image courtesy of Surviving Voices, The AIDS Memorial. Used without permission/permission pending. 

Getting Started

If you are looking for comprehensive overviews of health issues, use the Background Sources tab to find links to sources that give encyclopedic descriptions of health issues/conditions, symptoms, interventions, and treatments. 

If you need a database for searching peer reviewed articles from scholarly journals, use the Articles from Journals tab.

If you need critiques, creative sources, conference proceedings, ephemera, primary sources, zines, or pamphlets for your final project or other research, use the Zines, Special Collections, ETC tab. This tab will also show you how to use Google to find helpful supporting information.