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PSYC 2156 Clinical Psychology

Finding Background Info

Reference works like dictionaries and encyclopedias, some of which are highly specialized, are useful for:

  • an overview of a subject
  • definitions of a word
  • background information on your topic
  • biographies of scholars in the field
  • bibliographies or reading lists.

When you come across useful words, concepts, keywords and names related to your topic, make a note of them to use in further searching.

Clinical Psychology Reference sources online

Reference sources can help you: 

  • Get a good definition of a technical term or concept
  • Give you necessary background information
  • Help you find citations to the most seminal articles about a topic

Reference collections

APA PsycBooks -- includes the APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology; also includes hundreds of APA-published books

Credo Reference -- "Background info to start your research" from top university presses and other scholarly publishers.

Individual reference books (find more by searching in CLIO and limiting according to "Subject/Genre")

Oxford handbook of clinical psychology

21st century psychology: a reference handbook