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Computer Science Resources

Resources for research in computer science.

First Step: Search the Library Catalog (CLIO)

Explore prefabricated searches on popular topics: 

Human-Computer Interaction

AI AND Robotics

Data Warehousing 

Algorithms AND Racism

Algorithms AND Surveillance AND Ethics

Data Mining, Databases, AND Geographical Information Systems 

Choosing a Topic? Use Books and Book Chapters

You might not have time to read several books for your research project, but you can still use book chapters, citations, and other information found in books. 

Here is a screenshot of the contents in the ebook version of Algorithms of Oppression by Safiya Noble. A screenshot of the inside of the ebook version of Sofia Noble's Algorithms of Oppression. There is a red circle around the word CONTENTS. A red circle around "Introduction: The Power of Algorithms." A red circle around "4. Searching for Protection from Search Engines." And a red Circle around "References." The red circles are highlighting these parts of the book as potential areas of information for a research project.

In the image, there are multiple sections of the book highlighted. Different chapters could help you think about how to narrow a broad research topic. The introduction might help you think about new aspects of your research. The references section will give you more authors and publications exploring different aspects of your research.