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Zines and Flyers, Tufts University

Barnard Zine Librarian Jenna Freedman made this guide to support a class taught at Tufts/SMFA by Jennifer Schmidt and Asuka Ohsawa

Collection Development Policy

zine cover: title in a curio cabinetWelcome to the Barnard Zine Library!

The Barnard Zine Library is part of the Barnard Library and Academic Information Services (BLAIS) in the Milstein Center for Teaching and Learning at Barnard College, Columbia University. The zines are described in the library catalog we share with Columbia University Libraries (CUL), CLIO.

Will someone read the collection scope for us?

Barnard's zines are created by women and non-binary people, a collection emphasis on zines by women of color and a new (2019) effort to acquire more zines by transwomen. We collect zines on feminism and femme identity by people of all genders. The zines are personal and political publications on activism, anarchism, body image, gender, parenting, queer community, riot grrrl, sexual assault, trans feminisms, and other topics.

We have a zine club that makes a compilation zine every semester. The zine club been led by BIPOC and other students continuously since 2010.

cover of Coronavirus ¿Qué es? zine: virus molecule with an Amazon arrow smile

Barnard Zine Library staff are collecting COVID-19 themed zines made by womxn, nonbinary people, and all members of the Barnard community. We will gladly buy two copies of your zine via PayPal.* We can provide a postal address (the zine librarian's home) or can print black and white pdfs on 8.5x11 paper. Email to connect with us. As of February 1, we have over 300 zines in CLIO, some of them with download links.

*Up to $8 per zine, price is up to you and typically reflects printing and postage costs and your labor. Higher end zines are out of scope.

Take five minutes to brainstorm a quaranzine: one-page folding zine style, wire frames, storyboard, slides--whatever works for you.

Share themes and images. How might they be similar or different to quarantine experiences published in other media?


photo of a black cat named Harvey on a zine rack at an infoshopCreators: Zine Fests & Shops

Distros & Stores

Third Party Donations


Barnard Zine Library holdings are included in the Columbia Libraries catalog.

Try searching < zines > and a topic you're interested in. Bonus points for using the truncation symbol * or Boolean operators AND OR NOT, e.g.,

zines AND (disab* OR diabet*)

zines AND (letterpress OR "letter press")

What did you find? What about when you search for the topic without < zines > in the search string?

screenshot: view the original, screen readable, at


screenshot of catalog record close up with an arrow pointing at "Barnard" vs no arrow pointing at "Barnard Special Collections" to indicate the difference between the two

See also: Interlibrary Loan

In non-Covid times, you can visit in person. For now, email if you need something.