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Zines and Flyers, Tufts University

Barnard Zine Librarian Jenna Freedman made this guide to support a class taught at Tufts/SMFA by Jennifer Schmidt and Asuka Ohsawa

Zines Are

zine cover: Delcolonizing Library Science. Indigenous person at mic, arm raised, hand fisted.

How do you define zines?

freedom, graphic (bold/comic), confessional, independent, informal, self-expression, unconventional, accessible, playful, books, tactile, narrative, delightful, expressive, shareable, organic, accessible, specific

Barnard Zine Library Definition

A zine, short for fanzine or magazine, is a DIY subculture self-publication, usually made on paper and reproduced with a photocopier or printer. Zine creators are often motivated by a desire to share knowledge or experience with people in marginalized or otherwise less-empowered communities.

Nina Nijsten's Definition

Nijsten, Nina. Scissors & Chainsaws No. 2 : Diary Comic Zine Made in July 2020 During International Zine Month. Gent, Belgium: Nina Nijsten, 2020.