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Barnard Reads: Undesign the Redline

This guide was made for Barnard Reads, a session held during New Student Orientation Program in fall 2021 by Miriam Neptune, Obden Mondésir, and Jenna Freedman

20 minutes

How does the digital interactivity of Maya Garfinkel's essay play a role in the way that you read the story?

                map of banrard housing


How does this history of housing segregation on campus relate to larger issues of race and place in the US? 


What questions are you left with when you consider the history of the space that Barnard takes up in the Harlem community? 

Additional reading: 

Black @ Barnard: Analyzing How Black Barnard Students Exist On Campus. “Black @ Barnard: Black @ Barnard.”

Trial by Sex / Flo Kennedy and Ti-Grace Atkinson., 1968.