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Barnard Reads: Undesign the Redline

This guide was made for Barnard Reads, a session held during New Student Orientation Program in fall 2021 by Miriam Neptune, Obden Mondésir, and Jenna Freedman

Put Your ♥ on the Line: 5 minutes

How far from Barnard do you live when you're not at school?

♥ I live in a secret tunnel below the Diana 11,619.64 miles away, like Perth, Australia ♥


How do you feel about cilantro?

♥ Can you marry an herb? Get it away from me!!! ♥


What is your familiarity with zines?

♥ Rhymes with "pines" I was in a zine club in high school ♥

Progressive Stack

photo of a stack of pancakes with powdered sugar on top

We are excited to have everyone contribute to the conversation. In order to facilitate equitable participation, when there is a queue of people wishing to speak, we will first recognize people holding racially and ethnically marginalized identities and people who have not yet spoken.

Indicate that you are BIPOC with a + when you enter a comment in the chat.

Indicate that this is your first contribution with a 1 in the chat.

We encourage everyone to listen more if they're used to speaking a lot, and challenging themselves to speak more if they usually



Public Domain photo of a [progressive] stack of pancakes

Introducing--Undesign the Redline - 5 min

Introducing--Zines: 3 minutes

Nijsten, Nina. Scissors & Chainsaws No. 2 : Diary Comic Zine. Gent, Belgium: Nina Nijsten, 2020.