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Blue School 5th Graders, Spring 2020

Teacher: Carrie Klein, Librarian: Laura Winnick

Read and Discuss

Read a zine for two minutes. Write down your answer to these questions for one minute:

  • What kind of person do you think the author is? Would you want to be friends with them?
  • Are there graphics in the zine? Handwriting? Collages? How do they make you feel?
  • Why do you think the person made a zine (instead of publishing a book, posting to Instagram, or writing a letter)? 

Zines Are

What is (or isn't) a zine?

art leaflet  lots of information  gets to the point  sort of like a book  from the heart  an idea  a feeling  a magazine very intimidating  less pages than a book  emotion  turtles  bears  handcrafted mini-book  subway stations  your opinions (on something)  short stories  combination of art and a books different perspectives  magazine of thoughts  trying something new  expressing yourself  accessible  anyone can do it  political  emotional  see-me